The USA is a Backwater going nowhere.

Alabama, the quintessential southern state full of bigots, right wing populists and religious freaks, has proved this value beyond a shadow of a doubt. Abortion! there is no legal reason sorry almost no legal reason a woman can get an abortion. Indeed it is almost a certainty that if a woman leaves the state to get an abortion she could be tried and sent to prison. Not for rape nor incest can any woman of any age get an abortion. And, once again a panel of men made these decisions claiming they hope it will be challenged in the supreme court ergo Roe .V. Wade. In the meantime women are made to suffer as well as children. It is no exaggeration that there are children being denied free unfettered access to abortion.

Why do Americans hate their women and children so much? Why is it that all republicans, conservatives and religious fundamentalists indulge this abortion fetish? Why do they constantly harp one about it? What is behind their agenda?

As Samantha Bee once said, No body questions a mans right to a vasectomy.

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