This is just a thought you may wish to peruse don’t take it to heart but why must we only fly the Canadian flag on Canada Day?

When I first came to Canada I used to think that every day in Ottawa was a holiday or something was being celebrated. Why…because of the profusion of flags flying wherever I looked. Where I come from flags are only flown on special occasions or when the Fascists march.

In my home country the closest equivalent we have to Canada day is the last night of the promenade concerts to which thousands attend from all over the world. It is a very patriotic event full of pomp and circumstance but every flag imaginable is being waved by concert goers both in the hall and those outside watching on the jumbo TV screens.

Once I had a conversation with two Americans during which they accused me and my newly adopted countrymen of being disrespectful of our flag. “We always lower our flag at night then raise it again at sunrise” he said with an air of admonishment. Aside from the fact that I hated the idea of getting up early just to raise a flag I saw no reason to treat any flag like a religious icon. Even so I could not let it go. In response I said “We don’t lower the Flag because unlike your flag ours is not afraid of the dark.”

A flag is just a flag, a rallying point or a means of saying “Look here I am celebrating with you!” but in the end, its just a flag.