Ancient Fools

I am classed as a senior these days;  it pisses me off a tad but it is not something that will bend me out of shape. I don’t care if I am a senior, junior or something still in training. However, I do care about the endless stream of seniors proclaiming the virtues of their childhoods and youth as if their formative years were the best and only way to live a life. The internet is awash with those stupid notes proclaiming that they wallowed in mud, drank from a garden hose or buggered pandas; and it did them no harm.

It never occurs to the ancient fools that harm is relative and very often hidden because recipients are too ashamed or afraid to give voice to something others deem inconsequential. You only have to ask women to hear evidence of that.

If you have never suffered at the hands of another or ill informed practices then you are very lucky indeed. But keep in mind that that is just you. The person on the couch next to you may have another, untold, tale gnawing at their secret inner self.

Think  before you speak or type.