X Never Has Marked The Spot.

I have always been so confident in who I would vote for. By the time each election was called I would be totally sure who would get my “X” nothing would change my mind once it was fully re-jigged and ready to function. Petty squabbles of the parties meant nothing. Rantings of a biased media, although bloody annoying, meant even less. I am always sure even down to the all reasons why A and not B. I am always convinced with both Macro and Minor pictures squarely in view. Eyes wide open as it were.

Today‚ even though we, in Ontario, are not facing any elections at the moment, I don’t I know for whom anymore. All party persuasions seem so far off the mark these days as to be irrelevant, might just as well leave government to the civil servants. And, that bigger picture seems to be in no ones viewfinder either.That or I have finally grown up and realised that “X” never really has marked the spot, there is no Camelot and democracy is a joke run by clowns and thieves.