What Can I do To Help Cousin?

It is tiring to listen to the prating of middle aged and old men fretting over the decline of their assorted nation states. Wether that decline is through the attrition of immigration, eroded sovereignty, leftism or the soaring costs of masturbation. It is all fantasy with no basis in reality. These mindless wankers see a changing world that has a few differences from when they were boys and suddenly “The fucking sky is falling!”

Since humanity first fell out of the tree and thought “Hey, this not so bad down here” it has wandered over to the next hill and ,true, in some cases fought with the other tossers. In other cases stopped had affairs made babies moved on or hung out with their new families. It is the very essence of how we survive as a species, grow, intermingle, develop and evolve, its fucking marvelously simple. Whether you want to believe it or not it is still happening, change is our bread and butter of survival.

As for sovereignty who gives a damn? Tradition is not law it is just habit and very often a bad habit. Read the histories of just the last five hundred years and see how bloody the world was as each cringing coward hid behind borders and sovereignty. How much more can we achieve if arm in arm we hang out with the French, The Dutch the Cambodians the Chinese and the Americans?

Open floodgates are scary for those not prepared to let levels find themselves. Yes I know that change can seem chaotic especially when your cheeseburger joint is replaced by an Indian restaurant but lets face it curry is fantastic.

Now to be all hippy, which I never really was, we all came from that small African family a few weeks back now, we are all brothers and sisters, in-laws and cousins; what can I do to help you what can you do to help me.