Tradition is Just a Habit.

I really dont understand why there is any support for Harper’s Tories. The man is such a disgrace and so too it would seem is everyone connected with him and his party.

The old style conservatives were not so bad, not brilliant either but at least they had a value based on serving the people of Canada.

Harper is an ideologue and he cannot deviate one way or the other from his philosophies. The people do not matter, never have done.

One by one his henchmen have fallen by the wayside amid scandal and pointless lies that besmirch, defile and belittle Canadians. Yet still blind fools support him and offer undying devotion.

You may be a conservative in your heart but tradition is just a habit.

Besides Harper is not a conservative he is “Reform” a right wing devotee of people like Trump, Thatcher or Reagan. Dont be gullible join the right side of history and boot Harper to the curb. If the Tories took your riding last time vote for who ever came second it is that easy to vote for reason.