Too Mundane for the Ordinary?

I have just been checking my assorted time line calendars and whilst the 2nd of April is not devoid of interesting events, there are a number, nothing actually leaps out and screams:

“Hey Wicks, I would look good in your blog today!”

So it would seem that if you want to make your mark in history on a day that is not eclipsed by other great events then today is your day. Alas my only contribution to events on April Two 2013 is that I have a mildly annoying headache  and I am sulking because of it.

I will add that it is a very good sulk worthy of a play or 3D movie. . .your right it is just a headache not a timeline enhancer.

I have just thought of something, its deep so stand back wait for it. No I cant tell you its too much mundane for the ordinary human.

OK, you twisted my arm not nice when you know I am weakened from my headache. Anyway, If Hollywood made a movie about cows, would they be called MOOVies? An Udderly pointless joke I agree. You have to understand that slumped as I am in my headache the joke did make me laugh as it raced through my head giggling insanely.