There are some things the dick cannot handle

Here are some tips on how to handle a roundabout.


Give way to all traffic already on the roundabout.


The inverted triangle at the roundabout means yield, you know this because it has been in use as a traffic signal long before North America bred its first roundabout.


The handy triangle does not mean pick up speed and race to get onto the circle so you can pretend you were there first. 


Do not attempt to force your way onto a roundabout;  your turn will come even if you do have to let 5 cars through first. 


This is not a time to show muscle and bully people. The rule is clear yield and be driving slow enough to stop if you have to.


If the way is clear, and by acting you do not impinge on another’s journey, then you may proceed. 


Fuck! its perfect; almost as clever as dirt.


I fear though Canadians, nay all North Americans, will not learn the noble art until they learn to drive with their hands and not their dicks. 

  1. Are you making the assumption that British people know how to navigate something that is as complex as a roundabout?
    You may have forgotten that they are not really that good here. They have just had more time to practice at making it even
    more dangerous.