The Sky is Filling Up!

When I was very young we lived in an area of my home town that saw a lot of traffic. Cars bumper to bumper awaiting their turn to take the next turn left of right. I stood not much above the belching fumes of rattling dripping exhaust pipes. It was disgusting and always made me feel nauseous.

I recall, quite plainly, a day when I was out walking with my Grandmother and the fumes were especially strong. I asked Nan where all the exhaust went. She paused a moment then said “Well, up into the sky of course.”

I too paused then added “But Nan; what happens when the sky gets full.”

“Oh dont be silly Kevin that will never happen.”

An adult had called me silly ergo my thoughts were automatically put on hold. I never really thought about it not even during the sixties when people complained about pollution. Perhaps in the back of my mind I was now deeming them as silly as I had once been. Years later we began to speak of Global warming and what it was doing to the planet. I remembered my conversation with Nan and now we have “Climate Change”. The evidence is clear, we are destroying the planet. Yet all the right wing fanatics, on all fronts, still believe their grandmothers. In Canada the simple minded are campaigning for election and promising to undo all liberal green policies.

Dear idiots open your eyes lean how to read and assess evidence “The Sky is” after all “Filling up.”