So Long; and thanks for all the Poutine!

It is time to leave the earth and set up shop somewhere far far away from here.

I do not care how justified rebels think or know they are; bloodshed is not the route to salvation.

I dont care about your gods for they are fantasies born out of ignorance. 

I dont care about you ideologues; your politics have served to divide and embitter. 

I dont care about saving the planet anymore; why should I the wealthy will continue to destroy us anyway they can.


We are insects flailing around on a decaying rock in a vast ocean that we dont even care to look at let alone explore. We consume our young and mutilate each other because that is what we have always done. Tiny narrow minds wont let us lift up our heads and glimpse the horizon challenging us to reach out and grasp reality.


When I was young I was so angry at the old men that plunged us into the first world war. The stupidity that sent thousands to their deaths because the lame witted thought “One more push” would do it. It never did of course and inane policy dragged the undeserving beneath the mud. 


Even so, by the time I discovered thinking and reason, I truly believed that we were beyond all that, I thought we had grown up. . .I believed the golden age was here.

The mask is gone now and beneath is revealed the same decaying shit that wreathed our lives before. Only now young men as well as old continue to make the same stupid errors. 

One more push will take us over the top into no-mans land and we will be slaughtered by the real demon enemy. . .ourselves.


Ergo; fuck you all I am on the next ship out of here. So long and thanks for all the poutine.