When the little three year old is found drowned on the beach we all become enraged and rush with our clickers to demonstrate that disgust. Share this image there or paint ones profile picture in bands of supportive colours. It’s quick easy and everyone knows your are a decent sort.

That is enough though never let the millions desperate to escape horror into our backyards that might mean an actual sacrifice. Never take the risk of doing something solid. Still, we can continue to critique those nations that actively slam the door barring the desperate from their hearths. As we tuck into our christmas feasts, turkey grease rolling down our chins, we can cry foul as we watch TV images of the dead and dying.

The answer is very very simple, people, not monsters, people need our help. People so terrified to stay at home that they are willing to risk everything to escape it. . .try to imagine how desperate you would have to be to put your family to such risks. Before another drowned child washes ashore Canada, at least, should stand by its word and bring home 25,000 refugees by January 2016.

I dont want to hear another dissenting word we are a wealthy nation and can afford this. You nay sayers belittle the Canadian value, you sound like bitter fear mongers. We were once an honorable nation lets prove it with solid action; let us grow up and step aside from the fires fanatics fan and do the right thing for a change.