Why make New Years predictions now? Well you would not believe me if I suddenly said “I Knew that would not happen.”

I predict that by the end of 2012 it will be new years eve.

I further predict that we will be there to ring in the beginning of 2013 despite what some say the Mayans might have said. If only they understood what they were saying despite the fact that they know not what they say themselves. . .either.

I predict that in November there will not be a “new” President of the good old US of A. But that does not herald a new golden age of aquarius. . .the US will still be mired in prejudice bigotry and blessedly ignorant in there swamps of misinformation.

I predict that by the end of 2012 the middle east mess will not be resolved, It will go on forever, indeed, on the day colonists leave earth to settle new planets, the middle easterners will still be blowing up each other and everyone else. (That was an easy one to predict)

I predict that Canadians will still, by 2013, be unable to negotiate roundabouts within the confines of the highway code. 

I also predict that the world is so construed that if one were to travel far and fast enough east you will arrive on your own doorstep in time to wish yourself Bon Voyage. Of course if you are going that fast then you will have just left by the time you got there.

Indeed as I doff my tin foil cap to the world I suggest that oblivion is never too far away. It, therefore, appears to be a waste of time to kill, lie, cheat and steal because after oblivion there is nothing and no second chances.