Not the American Way.

During the hour or so that I waited for my car to enjoy an oil change I watched a courtesy TV. A panel of debaters were decrying Trump naming him all kinds of treasonous scum sucking swill hogs. Now it is hard not to agree with these people but the heart is growing weary of listening to the endless tripe bandied about by pundits and prolls the world over.

Now here is the point of this new blog entry: the creature has been president for almost two years now and no one has seriously challenged his right to have his pimply backside on the oval throne.

Why is he not on unemployment? Why have the good old Americans, that so love the rebel, not ousted the fool. I do not advocate any physical harm on the imbecile but hey, enough is enough. Hand the idiot his pink slip and a one way ticket to Moscow. 

No more jokes people get rid of the man. It is not the American way to be abused by a tyrant.