Narrow Minded

I think for the most part people are small minded conservatives afraid of change and view elections from their own narrow perceptions  rather than the bigger picture.

Income tax is wrong because they dont like paying it. Does not matter that taxes pay for hospitals, roads, police, schools and so on.

The economy is fragile therefore belt tightening is the government going back on their word. Does not matter that here in our isolation the world has had an effect on us. Ergo some promises cannot be kept thus Government becomes the grandest liars of all time and must be punished via voter wrath.

If I hear someone say “Well its time for a change.” one more time I will scream. Change for changes sake is juvenile and extremely unproductive.

I listen to some phone in programs and hear people  incapable of listening to reason.  No matter how wrong they are proven to be they are afraid of changing their opinion.

Blindly people must oppose for fear of being seen for what they are really are, narrow minded conservatives.