Leader of the Free World.

The one thing most Europeans agree on is their loathing of the USA. The arrogant, spoiled children of the universe… ill informed, bigoted and stupid people. However, the blessed Yank made good movies, from time to time, so we tolerated them. Even so there were two things that continued to irk. 1) The attitude that they won, for us, both World Wars on their own and ignoring the fact that their money played the larger part in this endeavour. Then there is number Two; Constant reference to their president as the leader of the free world. That more than anything rankled the ruff.

I now live in North America and for the longest time that reference continued to bother me as the supreme U.S. arrogance. Logic later suggested to me that this was no idle claim I came to believe this to be true. Well, until 2016 I believed the claim.

If they want to continue with this notion then clearly we all need to have the vote; a say in who straddles the pink podium. I dont really like being governed by someone I have no opportunity to vote for. This I now see as the free world’s opportunity to pay back the U.S. for all their “altruistic” generosity. Obviously they need all the help they can get, 2016 is testament to that fact.