Incomprehensible Rotting Rubble.

It is very easy to get sucked in by the euphoria of events happening around you. Surrounded by cheering fans at a concert, sports event or rally; what else can we do but be swept along on that irresistible tide to what may or may not be Nirvana. It is thrilling a joyride that can never be surpassed.

If all this is so then I can appreciate every second of such an event. But the magic must wear off, sooner or later, and when it does surely we can see the ride for what it was. Reason should prevail; we can laugh about it now; was I really so naive?

When can we step off the ride and drag ourselves kicking into saner more caring times? When will we will we see the last of those self righteous right wing fools that believe they know best by dint of their extreme arseholeness?

Yep, it is easy to get swept away but we have to learn soon. If we dont then all that will be left of us is an incomprehensible pile of rotting rubble for alien archeologists to sift through. 

  1. While I try not to get too invested in US politics, it is difficult to stay out of it as it gets blasted across our news feeds, on our home pages and our televisions.

    Hopefully this is the last of the right wing. I am so tired of old, white rich men running everything. But the next US election is hopeful with all the new candidates.

    Perhaps 2020 we may see a woman of colour in the White House…maybe they will even paint it so it doesn’t scream racism anymore. 🙂