Game of Thrones

The recently aired episode of Game Of Thrones is totally in keeping with the way twists and turns that have run throughout the entire series. 

The bast laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men Gang Aft A-Gley. 

All the signs were there that this was how it would go down. If I could see it, and I am the worst at solving shows before the final credits, then everyone else should have seen it too. I am embarrassed that fellow fans would complain and heap derision upon writers and directors. One has to ask how it is that such a fantastically written and directed show could suddenly tank in the last episodes? The answer is “It does not.” negative comments and whining come from supercilious arseholes that think they know better.

Painful though episode 5 was, in its barbarity, I think it was quite true to how often life goes a-Gley.  Hollywood endings are fantasy life is cruel because people are cruel.

I would offer kudos to the writers for resisting the urge to wave the stars and stripes over a happy ending; war is never happy even for the victors.