Friendly Fire?

I came across an article about the Canadian soldiers  killed as a result of American Friendly Fire during the Afghanistan event. Dont ask me how I got there; click once, twice three times; and a hundred light decades will separate one from from the original click. 


That aside what occurred to me was the absolute  whitewash that statement represents; designed to make us feel better that our own troops or allies killed our son or husband. 


In the civilian world if an individual screws up to the tune of wasting a human life that individual will endure a severe

price. I don’t care if people are on active duty; the risk of being killed by your own side should be at an absolute minimum and even then only under the most extreme circumstances. 


I thought these soldiers were professionals trained to the nth degree? obviously not. Let’s not call it Friendly Fire anymore, there is nothing friendly about death. Call it what it is; manslaughter or at the very least absolute stupidity and if you are that stupid; what are you doing with a gun in your hand?


I then did some more clicking and found out that in most of the wars between the American Civil War up to date there have been all kinds of so called Friendly Fire events. Not all events were perpetrated by Americans but in 90% of cases it has been Americans either accidentally killing themselves or friends. Americans are people with an abundance of guns that their proficiency must be to the nth degree. . .oh but we have been there already.