Every Morning.

Every morning when I go out to get milk or cigs for the beloved one I stop at the same red light look and left.

Every morning I see the same yellow Nissan racing to beat the now changing green light.

Every morning it seems like I watch him or her for an eternity will she/he beat the light or will they be stopped by it. . . again?

Every morning now for two or three weeks our little tableau takes place.

Every morning the yellow Nissan has to break hard not to slide into my path.

Every morning a second after the drama I pull out and drive back home.

Do you suppose that the Yellow Nissan’s driver (I am only assuming there is one tinted windows make it impossible for me to see the interior clearly) wonders why it is the black Mazda is always there waiting for it and always gets to go first?

The odd thing is I have left my house at different times (By a couple of minutes.) sometimes I have to wait while someone else is served before me.

Every morning, for three weeks, I sit at that light and watch the Nissan’s hurried approach.

Now it has gone?