Ditherings of Old Men

Ok enough is enough already! 

Every time I turn on the radio or open a newspaper there is the obligatory picture of your pope’ness blessing something or swooning through another vapid mass. 


Desperate to make it newsworthy, because it is not, reporters extoll the papal virtues proclaiming his next busy day of hand waving and cliche spouting as a sign of greatness yet to come. Say it loud and often enough and the masses will swallow it whole like a priests dick.


Yet we know he is opposed to abortion, same sex marriage and contraception. . .makes no never mind he is still a great man eh?


End the pointless praying and wallowing around in the Sistine bubble get on your bike and do something real.  No more trite mutterings lets have some solid action, get off your knees and make all this childish clutching at your robes worth something. 


With all the shit that has gone down over the centuries and the constant abuse of children, and yes its your organisation you are responsible, you would think that someone would know enough to say: 

“Hey your Eminence its time to earn that title. Get to fucking work.”


Personally I couldn’t give a wet shit for any religion and it pleases me when bishops fuck up. However, there are millions out there that have not realised it is all a sham or that you are blowing white smoke of pomp and bullshit up their collective assholes. . .you owe those people something other than the ditherings of old men.