Christmas 2019

It all started with the cookie exchange and the hand cooked (by me and T) Brunch. Not a long day but very labour intensive.
Then there was the Christmas Dinner with T and S and the L and R. Nothing went wrong but things got a little strange when I wanted to force the power Uncle to eat his Peas. After that there was Christmas day at the Italians abode another intense day with as many dogs invited as there were humans. I, for one, was glad of the human company as I imagined we would have had to eat kibble or wrestled for choice cuts had the dogs got their way.
Next came another Christmas Dinner with T and R plus ASW. that one would have been cool had we not discovered, at the last minute, that the Turkey was a rancid mess. Luckily “Swiss Chalet” was open and cool with delivering a sumptuous Yuletide feast. By now I was soaked in festive delirium I could not tell the difference between the days. My eyes glazed over with flickering fairy lights as my head filled with chintzy Hallmark sentiments.
The celebrations continued as the new year was wrung in with kisses and hugs at the Smiff and Harold’s lodge. Bacchus would have been proud of us at this stage especially as the Newest day of said new year was celebrated with heaps of breakfasty brunch at Ottawas Racetrack. As the last sausage surrendered to my gnashing teeth i felt that “Chritmasy Feeling” slipping away.
Now, here I sit wondering if I can claw back some of that magic??? just for today, promise I will give it all back as I lay me down to a restorative nap.

Preparing for the Melee.

WE all think a lot, oh except for Presidents and CEO types, few of us though do anything about those thoughts. So I have decided to become the common mans trend setter, I will stop thinking altogether. Instead I have filled my mind with pink fluffy things that have no meaning or permanent construction. Here in this Nirvana of oblivion I will be entirely blameless when the world shatters into a melee of right wing squabbling.

Ridiculous Canadians.

So this is Canada eh! if you don’t get your own way start wanking the crank for separation. How bloody childish, get over your ridiculous selves selves and wait your turn to govern, the Liberals wont be in power forever.