I have been planning to start a new Wicks thing…Camping. Yeah you heard it here first your lovely Wicks has lost his effing marbles and is becoming a camper. Fortunately I have elected to participate in this onerous pastime when the majority of pioneering has already been done in the wicked wastelands of Canada. All I will have to worry about is where does the nearest Tim Hortons live? Anyway the point of dragging you along this nightmarish road is I now have to fund expedition equipment i.e. tent, butler and in house/tent chef that sort of thing. As a result I have been Trawling (Not trolling) around assorted suppliers. Usual disappointments prevail but that is not the point of noteworthiness. Nearly every purveyor of quality goods proclaims, as a virtue of using X Y or Z store, that in store pick-up is as free as delivery.